knight-charHow the website came to be. A long time ago I had moved into a new area and wanted to play a D&D game. Having loved Dungeons and Dragons all my life but not being able to play much I wanted to really find a good group.

So I did everything that I could. I went to the local game shops and look down there cork boards and bulletin boards to see if anyone had any openings for a game. I just knew there had to be some group out there that was looking for more players if I could just find one. I even joined meet up for the Dungeons and Dragons group but there were no openings in any groups there.

Being a pretty good computer IT guy. I thought there would be somewhere on the internet that I can look up local groups in my area. I really wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, but I was willing to settle for just about any kind of game that was role-playing game related. I really wanted to recapture that old table top gaming experience.

I searched high and low on the internet and didn’t find anything that would work for me. So I just decided that I couldn’t be the only person having this problem. I knew that more people would play games role playing games card games miniature board games whatever, if they could just find other people to play with. I decided to create my own website focused on helping gamers all of the world connect with games and groups in their local area.

The website has been a labor of love and has grown tremendously over the years. The website has improved so much with this latest version. We’ve gotten hundreds of emails have people happy that they were able to use the site to find a game in their local area. I’ve always known that more people would be playing role playing games if they could only find a group. And I’m glad that the website is spreading all over the world to help gamers.

We also appreciate all the support you have given us over the years and the encouragement and success stories is what keeps us going. So continue to spread the word and send us your success stories, we love hearing them!

RPG game find helping gamers connect one game at a time.